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EPD in ISO22057 format – Pilot

Machin readable EPDs in accordance with EN15804 A2, for Construction materials will be available in ISO22057 format.

Under development!

ISO 22057:2022; Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works — Data templates for the use of environmental product declarations
(EPDs) for construction products in building information modelling (BIM)

In the first phase we present one published EPD in ISO 22057 format ready for download and usage in other systems.

FAQ for EPD in ISO 22057 format

What is the connection between EPD and BIM?

The full name of EN ISO 22057 is "Data templates for the use of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for construction products in building information modelling (BIM)". When the building model includes the product information at the PDT-structure this means that also the machine readable EPD information according to EN ISO 22057 is available. Having both the amount or mass of the product and the environmental information, the lca-calculation can be carried out automatically and can be used to find the most lca-efficient solutions.

Why do we need EN ISO 22057?

Digital transition is a prerequisite for the green transition, and EN ISO 22057 is based on the same standardized structure as other product properties wich makes the EPD-information not only machine readable, but also machine interpretable.

When product information, databases and tools using such data are based on the same standardized structures, the information exchange and use of this information will be able with much less manual processes than today since the systems are using the same "digital language".

What is EN ISO 22057?

EN ISO 22057 is a new European and international standard that simplified can be described as the Data Template for the group of properties based on EPDs in a complete Product Data Template (PDT).

A PDT is a data structure defining the properties for a product according to standardized structures and methodology and is the basis for a common digital language that's required for digital transition of the construction sector.

For more information, read this (in Norwegian): 

What is EPD-Norge Digi?

EPD-Norge Digi is a data base, provided by EPD-Norge, containing LCA-based data from Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by manufacturers, digitalized in XML format and made available to the public. This makes it possible to apply digital data when calculating Life Cycle Assessments.

Why does EPD-Norge have a data base?

By providing digital EPDs, EPD-Norge offers significantly added value for the users of EPDs: This means that EPD-Norge EPDs, both existing and new, can be made available in digital format. This reduces dependence on the specifications of external data base operators.

EPD-Norge Digi is based on the concept of the European InData team which entails program owners developing a network of digital EPD data as XML files based on the ILCD format (International Life Cycle Dataset).

What EPD data can I find on EPD-Norge Digi and how up to date is it?

EPD-Norge Digi publishes EPD data sets approved and published by EPD-Norge.  The data sets in EPD-Norge Digi is always up to date.

What does it cost to use the data?

Use of the data offered on EPD-Norge Digi is free of charge for end users for information and use for LCA calculations. See terms and conditions for more details. A separate license agreement is required for all other types of use. Please contact Håkon Hauan (

How can I access the data from my software tool?

The public does not currently have access to the database through software tools. Each data set must be download in XML format individually. If you are interested in accessing EPD-Norge Digit through a LCA tool or similar, please contact Håkon Hauan (

Can I find all EPDs in a digital format?

EPD-Norge will digitize existing EPDs in a stepwise approach. Thus means that not all EPDs will be digitized from the beginning, but more and more EPDs wil be added continuously.
NB! Mutual-Recognition (MR) EPDs are not hosted at EPD-Norge Digi. Please check with the original EPD Program Operator.

Can I digitize my EPDs?

In principle, all EPDs already approved and published by EPD-Norge can be digitized. Contact EPD-Norge for more information. 

What about EPDs according to EN15804 A2?

EPD-Norge is developing and implementing digital format in accordance with EN15804 A2 through EPD-Norge Digi and EPD2Digi Creator. We expect that published EN15804 A2 EPDs will be ready to be digitalized from end of march 2022.

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