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EPD2Digi Creator – FastTrack to digitalization

EPD owners are facing a growing market demand for providing Digital EPDs in the ILCD+EPD and ISO22057 format. Digitalize analogue PDF EPDs is a time consuming, expensive and complex process. The solution to this problem is the EPD2Digi Creator.

The EPD2Digi Creator is defined and developed so EPD owners can digitalize their analogue PDF EPDs into the ILCD+EPD and ISO22057 format and transfer the digital EPD automatically to EPD-Norge Digi or any other database in the InData Network.

EPD-Norge has established a pool of EPD2Digi Creator users who will create the digital EPDs on behalf of the EPD owners.

Only users with username and password can access the application.

Only users with training and approval from EPD-Norge will be granted access to the application.

The EPD2Digi Creator is developed by EPD-Norge and

Log in to EPD2Digi Creator here

EPD-Norge will for EPD owners with EPDs published through EPD-Norge digitalize existing PDF EPDs free of charge.
For other EPD owners, please contact EPD-Norge

If you have questions, please contact EPD-Norge.

CEO Håkon Hauan 
Telephone: +47 977 22 020

The Norwegian EPD Foundation

P.O. Box 5250 Majorstuen
N-0303 Oslo Norway
Telephone: +47 977 22 020
Invoice: Electronic invoice (EHF) to company number 985223114